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Dralasite's Rights Protest at Port Loren by Phalanx

Gran Quivera Image
Gran Quivera
Gran Quivera, Prenglar System - There was a Dralasite's Rights protest at Port Loren about 10 days ago as the Dralasite Equality Foundation has been trying to raise awareness of the plight of Dralasite discrimination across the frontier.

Celebrity spokesman, flagro glashin, was onhand to speak to the group of protesters. flagro said that many of ids problems would be resolved if the rest of the frontier folk would give all ids equal pay for equal work and abolish the discrimination of all ids from places of work and pleasure.

These statements lead to cheers from the crowd and seems to crystalize the core of the dralasite's problems. Many of the crowd and their supporters had hoped that having the protest this close to the upcoming elections would help to have the Dralasite problem heard.


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